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"I think it's the gateway to hell and I don't want to keep looking directly at it."

Veronica Mars continues to kick the ass of nearly everything else on TV besides maybe The Office. See also: subject line.  But aside from that, no television talk today.  Books instead.

Specifically, LibraryThing, which may turn out to be the most addictive website ever.  So far my library includes only a handful of my favorite books (like, 80-something), because attempting to catalog everything I own and/or have read would be a little ridiculous.  Still, this thing is going to be huge before I'm done with it.  I'm so hooked.  Given my addiction to actual libraries, this should not be surprising.

Also in literary news, I've finally gotten around to reading John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise.  As you might expect - if you have any idea who I'm talking about - it's hilarious and insane and amazing.  Between this and his appearances on The Daily Show and even those stupid Mac commercials, I think I want to marry him, a little bit.
Tags: books, cute boys, nerds rule, tv
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